Professional Roof Cleaning

Your roof is your second largest investment don't take chances with possible leaks or damages!

Providing a 5 year spot free warranty!

H2O Squad specializes in soft washing, and is a licensed affiliate of SoftWash Systems, we have access to the latest equipment, techniques, and supplies in the soft washing industry. SoftWash Systems is a world leader in the industry worldwide in nine countries for the past 32 years and provides training and certification to professionals like H2O Squad. This allows H2O Squad to provide effective and efficient soft washing services to our customers while staying up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Soft wash systems have cleaned almost 200,000 structures worldwide. Major theme parks like, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Legoland, government buildings, sports stadiums, colleges and universities

It's important to hire a professional with experience in soft washing to ensure that the proper cleaning solutions and techniques are used for your specific needs.  We only use water base biodegradable solutions that has been used by SoftWash Systems also third party tested for the past 25 years. Using the wrong cleaning solution or technique can cause damage to the surface being cleaned or result in color discoloration.

In most cases we do not need to walk on your roof to get it cleaned or restored, We have state of the art equipment as drones, graphite water water fed poles with over head cameras so we can see from the ground up to 3 story's high. We are trained, certified professionals and licensed and insured.

Soft washing is a gentle cleaning method that uses low-pressure water and specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, and other stains from surfaces. It is a safe and effective way to clean exterior surfaces like roofs, walls, and sidewalks without causing damage. H2O Squad is trained and certified by Softwash Systems, which means that they have the knowledge and skills to use this method effectively and safely. Overall, H2O Squad's affiliation with Softwash Systems reinforces their commitment to quality and professionalism in the soft washing industry.

Walking on a roof covering can be dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals or those with the proper training and safety equipment. The type of roof covering will also affect whether or not it is safe to walk on. For example, some types of shingles or tiles may be more brittle and prone to cracking, while other materials like metal or concrete may be sturdier.

If you need to walk on a roof for maintenance or repair purposes, it's important to take the proper precautions. Wear slip-resistant shoes with good traction and consider using a safety harness and tether to prevent falls. Avoid walking on steeply pitched roofs or those with a steep slope, as these can be particularly hazardous.

Before we attempting to walk on a roof, it's also important that we assess the condition of the roof covering and make sure it is structurally sound. Look for signs of damage or wear, such as cracked or missing tiles, sagging or uneven areas, or signs of water damage. 

Rescue your roof and save money! Your roof may still have years of life left in it; all it needs to be safely restored to its original beauty is soft washing.

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What Causes Those Black Streaks?

The black or brown discoloration seen on many roofs that is frequently mistaken for dirt or soot is really a species of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae is transported through the air and lands on the exterior surface areas of your home, including your roof, where it feeds and grows.

In addition to creating unsightly black streaks, these algae also feed on the limestone filler in shingles. This can cause major damage and deterioration to your roof.

Your roof isn't simply stained -- it's infected!

Why You Need to Soft Wash Your Roof

For many years, pressure or power washing has been the go-to for homeowners planning to clean their roofs, however, they often find that their black streaks return. This is because they're not solving the root of the problem.

Only the surface layer of mold, mildew, algae and bacteria can be removed from your roof with power washing. The stains may disappear for now, but without removing the algae, the stains frequently return due to regrowth within six months.

The SoftWash System we use completely cleans your roof and eradicates stain-causing bacteria by killing 100% of these pests. Soft washing your roof lasts 4 to 6 times longer than conventional power washing. There's no algae regrowth – only new growth.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Soft Wash Your Roof with H2O Squad

  1. Improve the look of your property
    Cleaning your roof is a small cost and makes a large difference.
  2. Extend the life of your roof
    Preserve your investment. Our biodegradable formula extends shingle life by up to 50%.
  3. Avoid pricey roof replacement
    Save your shingles and your money by caring for your roof and preventing deterioration.
  4. Health advantages
    Mold, mildew, fungi and algae are all included in the Top 10 Allergy Irritants list. Mold and fungi are also causes of Sick Building Syndrome and Legionnaires Disease.